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FOR €175 + VAT

  • We can create your company in 5 working days
  • For €175 + VAT

We help to create your business quickly
and at a low cost.

How to create your company quickly?

If you have already decided to create a limited company (SL), a new limited company (SLNE) or
register as self-employed, you have two options:
Use the traditional system or, if you are looking for speed, do it electronically..

What are the advantages?


Creating a company via the traditional process can take up to 13 days. Doing it electronically, on the other hand, can take a maximum of 5 days.

Low Cost

The electronic method will allow you to save on bureaucracy and other inefficiencies that could
increase costs.

No complications

The process is simple. The only places you need to go to in person are the PAE, the notary and the bank.


At Horus Firm, we take care of every step.

  • Registering your name in the company register.
  • Launching the PAE through CIRCE.
  • Notarization.
  • Your company will be created in just 24 hours.

ALL FOR €175 + VAT

We are a Point of Attention for Entrepreneurs (PAE)

Points of Attention for Entrepreneurs (PAE) are responsible for facilitating the creation of new businesses.

PAEs use CIRCE to create businesses and specifically rely on one particular tool: The Electronic Processing System (STT). Through CIRCE, entrepreneurs can reduce the number of procedures required to start their activity. Furthermore, all procedures can be managed in a single place.

Proud to have the trust of our clients

Alisa Clotte

Alisa Clotte

"I am very satisfied with the service and assistance I received."



"Their customer service and dedication really stand out."

Tanila Hinasta

Tanila Hinasta

"Great professionals with meticulous attention to detail."

Horus Firm is a team of experts in taxation, accounting, HR services and legal matters, and we are passionate about getting to know our customers and their needs and helping them to develop their business and succeed.

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